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What Kind Of Pick Up Basketball Player Are You? (Hilarious Video)


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Closest I come to is Mr. Accessory and the "Mr. Misses Every Shot, but hits the Game Winner".  


I also hate "Lose-Lose Situation" and "Mr. Football Player" - I'm doing mind if people get physical, particularly in the post, but some people take it too far.   


Didn't make the vid: 


"Mr. Never Passes"

"Mr. Always Drives the Lane"

"Mr. Only Shoots 3s"

"Mr. Never defends the guy who only shoots 3s"

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I would be the guy who stops trying half way through the game. I used to be "Mr. Only Shoot 3's even though I can't make them". Back in the days when I didn't suck, I was renowned for being the biggest backboard abuser in the neighborhood. 


Now I am the guy who says he'll show up for the weekly pick up game but never does.


They also forgot the sweat monster. Had a guy like that who would play with my group and he also happened to be the a-hole who loved posting up against even if he's no where near the rim.

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Didnt make the list:

- talks trash, badly, even though he's terrible

- scared of contact guy

- cherry picker, doesn't even run back on defense guy

- elitist passer that will only pass to the players he thinks are good... Even if they completely covered.

Lately I'm an injured "my bad" guy. Though I realize when the shot is off and start passing, I don't shoot my way out of a slump.

The rage guy is great if he directs it at inanimate objects. Hilarious to watch the meltdown. The rage guy must never be guarded by the football guy. Other than fighting the most annoying is the foul guy. You can ignore a lot of those but the foul guy slows the game and turns it into a nonstop argument.

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Haha, love the video.  I don't play enough pickup b-ball to really have a stereotype I don't think, but if I did it would be something along the lines of "short dude who doesn't know what he's doing but tries super hard until he gets winded."


That's probably too long for the video though.

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