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Green B3 Crew - Can You Please Clarify How To Get To This Lot


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So first shot at trying Green B3 last night - I came in on Morgan Blvd through the townhouses and saw a sign for green as soon as we saw parking - was directed into a green lot right on the fence line and thought all was good to go.  Later several people commented that I was in Green A5 and not B3 and that I was "lucky" to be there since B3 is soooo much farther away..   Looking at the map it seems like I possibly should have continued in towards the stadium and hooked a left right before the garage parking and followed that road back towards Green B3??


Per my searches on this board it seems like they do not open the Sherriff Road entrance before the game but rather use it as an exit after?  If so can anyone recommend any landmarks to look for to be closest to the exit when parking?


Finally, if anyone can recommend the best way to get to B3 from Reston I would be much obliged :)


Thanks much!



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I also have Green B3 for the season, first year season ticket holder... I was planning on just parking in normal green parking. I have had B3 in years past and have never had a problem parking in the normal green lot.


From my experience the they seem not to care, were you park. As long has you have a parking pass. I have actaully been told to park in orange when I had green parking.

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First let's define what Green B3 is. 


The Green B3 lot is the entire Green lot that is opposite of Gate B.  The "3" refers to the tier, in that the green lot is the third tier out from the stadium.  So the truth is, the 3 is redundant and confusing.  It's easier to think of it as "Green B".  If you have a Green B3 parking pass, you must park in the Green B lot.  You may not park in another lot unless flagged into that lot by an attendant. 


To find the Green B3 lot, the easiest thing to do is look at the back of your pass.  You should see a map and your lot should be indicated on back.  In addition, it will tell you what access road to use.  Morgan Blvd is the correct road (use beltway exit 15, Central Ave to get to Morgan Blvd.).


Once you enter stadium grounds from Morgan Blvd, you will turn left and cross the entire width of the A lot until you enter the B lot.  However, it's possible parking attendants may flag you into another lot, especially if you arrive late, because your lot is filled.


To summarize, any lot opposite Gate B which is Green is part of the Green B3 lot, regardless of any other number you might see on any light pole.


Hope this helps.




Edit:  You cannot walk straight to the B Gate from the B lot because there is a tall chain link fence, woods, and a creek between you and the stadium.  You must walk South or Southeast towards the A lot, and then walk towards Gate A.  Also, know  that Gate B is used exclusively for AAA Ultimate Fanzone Club wristband fans.  You cannot use Gate B without a wristband pass. 

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