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Morton's Breakout Day is Upon Us

Canadian Hog

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I thought it was gonna happen against Tampa last week, but was wrong, but I'll guarantee that its gonna happen this week..........CHAD MORTON IS GONNA RETURN A KICKOFF FOR A TD VS. THE JILLS ON SUNDAY !!!!!!! Why am I so confident, well mainly because this guy has the Jills number and they haven't proved they can stop him. I did a little research and here's what I came up with: A) two TDs vs. Buffalo in week one in the opening week last year including one in OT, B) in the second meeting they had, he had three kickoff returns for 106 yards, and a long of 42 yards. Two amazing days returning kicks in my mind. Buffalo's special teams coach Danny Smith is having nightmares about this guy. Chad's gonna win us the field position game all day and play a large part in our overall success this weekend.


Redskins football is not a matter of life and death, its more important than that. :dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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Have you seen how the Chiefs block on special teams! WOW! They knock some guys out! And they hit their blocks at the right time. Our guys hit them way too early.
Did anyone here catch SportsCenter this evening? They had a nice piece on the Chiefs.When talking about Hall, The Chiefs said that group(ST) had been together for almost 3 yrs. The Chief they interviewed stated.."It didn't just happen over-night.Those guys had to learn together over the past 2 1/2 years." Something to keep in mind when evaluating the Skins.
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The Jets are ranked 3rd in the NFL in punt returns and 5th in the NFL in KO returns. Last year they were ranked 2nd and 4th respectively.

Many people predicted that a big reason for the Jets collapse would be due to the loss of Morton. Well the Jets have certainly collapsed, but it definitely has nothing to do with the loss of Morton. Michael Bates has a higher return average in 2003 (27.6) than Morton did in 2002 (26.0) with the Jets. No, people aren't kicking away from Bates like they did Morton at the end of the season, but the stat is still noteworthy.

Morton is a great return man and the Jets were upset to lose him, as evidenced by their last ditch attempt to keep him. But based on Westhoff's success using a castoff in Bates who was plugged into the system AFTER Game 1 with no preseason, is it fair to ask how much of Morton's 2002 success is directly attributable to Westhoff - the NFL's best STs coach? At this point, it looks like a great deal - perhaps even more than the Jets believed.

Sure, we all know there's a corrolation between the return man and his blocking. But the elite return men like Hall or Moss are able to create huge plays on their own. Morton certainly is in an unenviable spot with his lack of blocking, but at a certain point I'd think one would have to wonder whether that entitles him to a free pass.

Either way, the Bills ST coverage blows plain and simple. If Morton does have a shot to break out, this would be the week.

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I think 6 weeks in is a little early to make a judgment on Morton, after all both of his returns for TDs last year came in the same game :)

No one that I know predicted the Jets would fall apart because Morton left, it was just another in a series of blows that fell on the team in the offseason, an offseason where nothing seemed to go right up to the injury to Pennington.

Morton and Hall improve the Redskins special teams and that is all that matters from this end. Hall may not be Vanderjagt for 90% accuracy, but he has kicked 4 50 plus yard FGs for the club this season, providing the winning points in all three victories.

Morton has been slower to come on, but has looked a lot better the past two weeks. Against the Eagles and Bucs the Skins were getting the ball consistently out past the 30 and that is the goal.

Last year we had guys fumbling the ball at the goal line and trying to reverse their field at the 20 and getting dropped for a loss.

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Hopefully for the Skins, it'll work out.

From my end, it's just a bit surprising that Skins fans are so critical when judging certain players on their team, yet other players in the fans' favor seem untouchable. Nobody notices that Morton also leads the league in fair catches and is the only PR man with more FCs than returns. Do teams just kick particularly high and short to him?

And I don't think I agree with the view that 6 weeks is too early to judge Morton? 6 weeks is too early to judge a rookie, not a 4th year return man with high expectations. As I mentioned, Morton's replacement stepped right in on a new team after the season was already 1 week underway with no problem.

I've only seen 2 of his games this season so I really can't say what the problem is. But I know that when I watch the Hall highlights or see what Santana did last week, good blocking is only 1/2 of the equation.

Seems to me like the best thing Morton has going for him is the fact that the Skins previous return situation was so bad, that any improvement is welcome, even if the performance is mediocre compared to the NFL standard.

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