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My Theory About Rg3


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I think we all realize how good RG3 is as an athlete.  I think we all realize he is the greatest thing to happen to the Redskins in a long, long time.  I'm a fan of 37 years and I've seen the good and the extreme bad and we are indeed heading in the right direction with the franchise.  The "hero" and "savior"  has indeed saved us.  The thing about RG3 is that he RELISHES this role.  Probably, in an unhealthy way.  He knows he is the savior of this team.  He knows he is THE hero in this town.  He knows that there are some that still don't believe in him.  He knows that there are some that don't think he's tough enough.  He also knows that Kirk Cousins is damn GOOD.  He knows that Kirk could guide the Redskins to victory.  He knows that Kirk will one day be a starter in this league and could be a star...  RG3 acts the way he does, because he's scared to not be that HERO.  He scared to not be the savior.  He scared that if he gets hurt, Kirk will come in and save the day.  That is his insecurity.  You can see it exactly by the way he answers questions in the press, by the way he responds about Shanahan and about the way he responds to the fans.  RG3 has to be the hero.  It is his role and he loves it.  Peyton Manning doesn't need to be the hero.  Brady doesn't need to be the hero.  RG3 needs to be the hero.  If he's not, he is nothing, in his mind.  Honestly, I think it scared him to death when Kirk came in there and won the game at Baltimore. 


You guys all might think I'm crazy but what are your thoughts on this? 

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Just in general, to new folks, not aimed at the OP---this is a premiere place to discuss Redskins football and we do allow a great deal of latitude. However, as is often the case with a rash of new members, we have a growing number of people not reading and following the rules as they agree to when registering, and such is best began before starting new threads or posting in existing discussions. On this site, learning and following the rules is particularly key to members retaining all their posting privileges.  :)

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