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Stop with the College coaches please!!!!!


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I think it's time to fire Spurrier. I know I know he's only been here one and is only 5 games into his season, but he has not adapted to the nuances of the NFL. I fear he may never adjust. He's coaching scared, and is not picking up the little things that could make this team successful. If you had a choose to hire a new coach, who would it be?

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I'm feeling fine. But Spurrier sin't. I came to a harsh reality last night. Every game we've won has been by 3 points or less. We should be blowing teams out, but it seems Spurrier is loosing confidencein his scheme. I wish he'd just go back to basics, and stop trying to fix the wheel. By the way, besides Jim Johnson, who is the last great college coach to win the Super Bowl.

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Uh, you don’t fire a new coach with a new scheme 6 games into his second year – SS has improved as an NFL coach, and is making what I believe to be necessary adjustments to make us successful. Fire him?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me!

Offense in 2003 (to date): #2 in the NFC, #6 in the NFL

Offense in 2002: #10 in the NFC; #20 in the NFL

2003 (to date): 7th rated passing attack in the NFL

2002: 20th rated passing attack

Since offense (and the fact that he has won wherever he has been) is his expertise – why fire him with that kind of improvement? Mind you that is with all the stupid penalties and almost no protection for PR.

Fire him?!?!




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Tell me why we should be blowing teams away, because this is a perfect world and the Skins are unbeatable. Everyone in their mother said the we should have crushed the Pats.....we didn't and were scorned because it......well the Pats have 2 straight since then, even with their injuries against 2 pretty good teams. The NFL is a close league no matter how you size the thing up.....and even teams with injuries can keep things close, or steal some games.

Obviously this team hasn't come together quite yet....and it appears the Spurrier is saying everything is open to change if it makes us play better....can't ask more than that of him at this point. Have some hope and lets see how this thing plays out. But Jesus dude....you have less patience than Snyder.

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Originally posted by OURYEAR#56

By the way, besides Jim Johnson, who is the last great college coach to win the Super Bowl.

Here's a little reference material for you. Here's the results of Jimmy Johnson first 6 games of his second season in Dallas:

1 | San Diego Chargers | W | 17-14 |

2 | New York Giants | L | 7-28 |

3 | at Washington Redskins | L | 15-19 |

4 | at New York Giants | L | 17-31 |

5 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | W | 14-10 |

6 | at Phoenix Cardinals | L | 3-20

2-4 (0-4 NFC East)


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We should not be blowing people out because we do not have markedly superior talent--no one really does. Of the undefeated teams right now, who has consistently blown teams out--or blown anyone out for that matter? This is just absurd.

Listen, I have been a huge Spurrier critic. He came in here arrogant and stubborn--went with Wuerffel and Shane and all the Gators and stumbled into some humility. And, as much as it troubled me that he couldn't see what so many others could (that those players were not NFL caliber), he learned from his mistakes. Even this year, when the team has looked significantly better, he is making the appropriate changes--altering his schemes to up his protection, thus catering to his young QB and remediating some of the offensive issues.

The Redskins are 3-3 and in all honesty, they have only looked bad in one game. Calling for Spurrier's head is childish and stupid--it's an embarassment.

Not to mention the fact that firing a NFL coach midseason is the equivalent of giving up--something that would seem rather rash since the Skins could still win the division.

Sack up. Have some f**king patience and stop whining like a little girl. If we are 4-3 headed into the buy we are in great position to make a run at the playoffs--somewhere that I, honestly, never thought we could be this year.

(Reigning myself in...deep breath...there...that's better...)

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Great stuff *******, lets fire Spurrier before we even give him a chance!

Do you realize that things take time, or are you just dumb. I've held back long enough, seeing some of you idiots saying you actually want Spurrier fired.

Your a joke. First off when he first came in we knew this would take time for him to learn the ropes, and it is, and by time i dont mean 1 year. He has made great steps in 1 year, and i expect him to continue making these steps. This is year 1 of a 3 year plan. As Spurrier learns more, Ramsey gets more experience, and so on, we will begin to play better.

2nd year HC+

11 start QB+

1st year DC= ITS TAKES TIME!!!!!!

But no, lets do your plan and fire Spurrier, start all over, begin a whole new plan, so that we have wasted another 2 years of this franchise, instead of just believing in the fact that this guy is a great coach, and it'll work.

Get a grip on yourself. There is no need to fire Spurrier, most great coaches started out with a much worse record than what he has in the NFL right now. So take a deep breath, think about what your saying. If you conitnue to think Spurrier sucks and we need to fire him, then I have an idea for who can become the next coach,

It can be you. Yes you, since you think your such a smart ass and can tell that Spurrier sucks and always will suck, then you must be able to coach an NFL team. I cant wait to see the first NFL game plan you put together *******.

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the jury is out on Spurrier. his teams so far have been marked by the tendency to be sloppy and make mistakes, that goes for 2002 as well as 2003.

you would figure on a five year contract, though, that a HC gets 3 years to turn things around.

Spurrier is only 1.5 years in and has had a starting quality QB for just 10 games in Ramsey (although the presence of the undertalented Matthews and Wuerffel in 2002 WAS on Spurrier).

So, I don't see a change until after 2004, unless the team finishes down in '03 and Spurrier walks away.

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