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Here comes the fall :(


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They may be doing it with a rabbit's foot or a four-leaf clover in Dick Vermeil's pocket, but the Chiefs are winning. After rallying to beat the Packers 40-34 in OT on Sunday, K.C. remains on top of our rankings for an almost unheard of fifth straight week.

Meanwhile, the Vikings, on bye, moved up to No. 2, while Carolina jumped from No. 6 to No. 3 with a win over the Colts.

We're guessing that nothing less than a top five spot will please Cowboys fans, but Dallas was one of the week's big movers, going from No. 17 to No. 11.

Anyway, on to the rankings. Also, to view last week's rankings, click here.

2003 Power Rankings: Week 7

Rank Team Rec. Comment

1 Chiefs 6-0-0 Call it luck, call it magic, call it whatever, but the Chiefs are the NFL's only 6-0 team.

2 Vikings 5-0-0 What does two wins, 506 yds. passing, 6 TDs and one INT in two starts get you? A spot on the bench if you're Gus Frerotte.

3 Panthers 5-0-0 All the talk about how great DeShaun Foster was as a rookie in training camp looks like it wasn't an exaggeration.

4 Broncos 5-1-0 We keep saying it's Portis that makes the Broncos go, but maybe it's actually Plummer. They didn't look very good without him.

5 Colts 5-1-0 Is there any coach in the NFL that hates instant replay more than Tony Dungy? That sure looked like an INT to us.

6 Dolphins 4-1-0 If the Dolphins are going to be a Super Bowl contender they need to get more out of Jay Fiedler.

7 Buccaneers 3-2-0 Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp were all over Patrick Ramsey on Sunday.

8 Titans 4-2-0 Is there a better quarterback in the NFL right now than Steve McNair?

9 Patriots 4-2-0 Offense was pretty ugly for most of Sunday, but the defense made a ton of big plays.

10 Seahawks 4-1-0 Seahawks won, but the 49ers took advantage of what is still a pretty weak run defense.

11 Cowboys 4-1-0 John Fox, Mike Tice and Dick Vermeil deserve consideration, but Bill Parcells would get our Coach of the Year vote right now.

12 Rams 3-2-0 Torry Holt already has five TDs -- his career high is seven in 2001.

13 Packers 3-3-0 The Packers could be kicking themselves for this one come the end of the season when playoff spots are being locked up.

14 Ravens 3-2-0 Against the Cardinals of the world you don't have to throw to win, but Kyle Boller and the Ravens will need more than 75 passing yards to beat good teams.

15 Bills 3-3-0 The Bills offense (and Drew Bledsoe) clearly isn't the same without Peerless Price.

16 Browns 3-2-0 An effective William Green makes the Browns a totally different team on offense.

17 Eagles 2-3-0 Still too early to panic, but Sunday's game in New York is pretty close to a must-win.

18 Redskins 3-3-0 The hits just keep coming for Patrick Ramsey -- six more sacks Sunday for 21 on the season.

19 Giants 2-3-0 When you outgain your opponent 381-220, you're supposed to win the game.

20 Steelers 2-4-0 Steelers will look back on Sunday's loss to the Broncos as a game they should have won.

21 49ers 2-4-0 T.O. dropped three passes. Maybe he was expecting a little payback for last season's Sharpie incident in Seattle?

22 Raiders 2-4-0 We don't think Tuiasosopo is the future at QB for the Raiders, but at some point this year, they might want to find out.

23 Texans 2-3-0 Titans WRs averaged 23.4 yards per receptions against the Texans -- that's a lot.

24 Saints 2-4-0 Deuce McAllister pounding the ball on the ground clearly gives this team its best chance to win.

25 Bengals 1-4-0 Rumors are starting to swirl around about Corey Dillon being on the trade market.

26 Jets 1-4-0 Jets were 1-4 last season and made the playoffs, so anything is possible.

27 Jaguars 1-5-0 Having an ax in a locker room is just stupid. Here's hoping Chris Hanson gets better and that this doesn't permanently damage his career.

28 Falcons 1-5-0 From the truth hurts department comes this quote from Doug Johnson: "That's probably the worst game as a team I've ever seen in my life. 'That's probably the worst game as a team I've ever seen in my life.'

29 Lions 1-4-0 All of a sudden a home game against the Cowboys isn't looking so easy.

30 Bears 1-4-0 Does Dick Jauron go with Rex Grossman and look towards the Bears' future when it probably won't include him?

31 Cardinals 1-5-0 Not too much to be optimistic about in Arizona.

32 Chargers 0-5-0 Now Chargers get to enjoy the distinction of being the NFL's only winless team.

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