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HOF Weekend, Honoring the Hogettes Etc


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As some of you know both Pez and I are PFUFA members (Pro Football Ultimate Fan Assoc) so we made our annual trip to Canton for HOF weekend.  Some of the other NFL team members also decided to honor the Hogettes with a skit and annual award.  It was an amazing weekend but Pez and I are exhausted LOL


Our new football cards were delivered in Canton (thank you Piketoon for the cartoon and Bengal Bomb Squad for design and printing)



On Thursday our first stop was lunch at White Castle :) then off to Akron Children's Hospital to cheer up some kids




Next we went to the Rib Burn Off as our Jeep was selected as a vehicle to be on display and we had a 2 hour autograph session (they were our parade sponsor)



On Friday we had the float judge, meetings, and the PFUFA Tailgate (yummy food) and this is where the boys gave tribute to our Hogettes.  They each dressed in dresses and snouts, gave a speech on each Hogette and then sang Hail to the Redskins.







Saturday was the Timken Parade, Autograph session at the HOF and a Charity event at the J Babe Center.




At the breakfast and induction at the HOF they have created a new annual award to honor the hogettes service to this comunity.  Over 30 years they have raised more than 100 Million dollars for charities.  The Golden Hog Award will be given to a member each year who has given back the most.





Pez the Hogettes and I then went on the hunt for the RG3 display at the HOF.  Pez and I griffened the display :)



It was a crazy few days but another amazing weekend!  I am still honored every day to be a member of PFUFA and to be a Redskin fan!  HTTR

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Those are truly inspiring pics, and I love the toon images. :)

I knew the Hogettes did all kinds of charity work, but had NO idea they'd raised around $100m!

Over 100 million in their 30 years of service to this community!

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