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Photos that symbolize D.C. Sports


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Professional and collegiate sports have a long history in the nation's capital and some of the most iconic pictures in sports history are associated with its sports teams. What are some of your favorites? 




When I think of everything I love about baseball, three men come to mind:

1.) Ken Griffey, Jr. 

2.) Stan Musial 

3.) Walter Johnson 


This picture captures him, and the '24 Nationals/Senators, perfectly. He played so well on so many bad clubs and well into his great career, he finally won a pennant and a World Series title. You can see the wrinkles already gathering on his face, but you can see the small, good-natured smile on his face that says "things will get better." 

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Seat cushion game

I wonder if they ever gave those out again at RFK. My guess is: no. 


They actually did that once at an East Carolina football game a few years before I started attending. The team ended up losing toward the end, but that was an incredible sight to see. 

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September 30, 1971.


Before baseball returned to Washington, this was one of the last images anyone took of Major League ball in the Nation's Capital. The Senators ultimately had to forfeit the game as heartbroken fans rushed the field at RFK in the 9th. The Short in Short Sucks refers to, then, Senators owner to moved the team to Arlington, Texas.




For most, winning Redskins teams through the decade helped ease the pain of losing baseball, but for some (including my father, who was a sophomore at Howard University when this happened and couldn't bare to attend the game) this night would be a continual source of pain for over 30 years.

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