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Skins vs Saints 2012 full game


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Cedric Griffin and Dejon Gomes had some good coverage plays, and a forced fumble for Cedric. The aggressive play calling by the Skins offense...and RG3 of course.  Garçon was huge before the injury.


Can't wait for the season to start, even with questions at safety, D line, RT. Need Orakpo to be a force, Fred to pick up where he left off before injury and for Aldrick or Hank to really be huge.


edit: I think we're going to miss Lorenzo Alexander...  so many special teams plays/tackles.

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You could kind of feel the entire arena go "Ohhh ****" once Griffin hit Aldrick on that slant for the touchdown to go up 17-7, realizing that the 88 yarder to Garcon was no fluke... Dude was for real.


Looking back on this, I actually liked a couple of Griffin's slides. I think on one of his first couple keepers, he slid perfectly. I want to see more of that this year.


I'll never forget this game. I expected us to take a major beating. The Saints had slaughtered much better (before we knew how good the 2012 Skins were) teams in the Superdome the year before. The way we attacked them... It was almost like guerilla warfare. They had no idea what hit them. 

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