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Training Camp Tips for those attending / from those that have been


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There's a fire dept on hermitage and it seems almost nobody knows about it. It's $5, and it's a really quick walk to the field from there.



Is the parking in the fire dept lot or is it a gravel lot beside the station?




VIP area is usually not too crowded and because of that it is usually pretty easy to get a good seat along one of the rope lines. You don't have to get there super early.


You need a connection to a sponsor or vendor or whatnot to get a VIP pass. You cannot purchase them.

Thanks DJD2

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  I had VIP access today through the Fan Captain program.


Dropped off my non-interested in football wife in Carytown.  Took about 5 mins to drive over near training camp and grabbed a bite to eat at Buz and Ned's BBQ.  I saw a lot of Burgandy and Gold clad fans there.  Drove over and parked again at the GEXPRO Electrical parts place on Hermitage road for $5.


Picked up my VIP pass and went over the VIP area. 


Updates to the map in the OP.

People with VIP passes CAN stand along the sidelines on the field closest to Leheigh Road.  There is not much room, but you can stand 3-4 deep.  The defense uses that field for some of their drills.  There are also more VIP tents on the other side of the drill field.  WOW has a huge tent on the drill field up near the building. 


Most of the VIP seating is behind the endzones.  The view is good when they are doing drills, but mediocre at best when they are doing 7 on 7 or 11 on 11 as there are a lot of players standing between you and the action.  :(


However, VIP is nice for getting post practice autographs, plus some of the tents have food (Famous Dave's) for instance.  The VIP tent for the Fan Captains was the premium seating tent which had chips and Coke products in plastic bottles.


There also appears to be an ADA section next to the VIP section.  Some of the people from the ADA section came into the VIP area when RGIII came over and the security folks were hollering at them to Go back to the ADA section.


Also, it looks like the annoying flag that I noted previously has been removed.  Not sure if it was the team or another disgruntled fan.  :)

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What are the ways to get a VIP pass?


Connection with a sponsor or premium seat holder are the most common ways.  Fan Captains and 1 guest got VIP passes today (8/15).  I think there was a deal on Groupon where you could ride a bus from NOVA/DC area to Richmond and upgrade to VIP.




http://www.mycitytours.net/new--redskins-training-camp-excursion-.html  << Oh wow.  This would seriously stink.


I believe one of the guys from the Sports Junkies went on the bus as they were talking about it on the air one day.  Art Monk and Darrell Green were on the bus.  They said Monk was great about signing and taking pics with folks and Green wouldn't do anything except play D. Green Trivia to win an autographed card.  If you got the question right, you had to answer a follow up question as well.


One year they had a blood drive, where if you donated blood, you got a VIP pass.  BTW, I have not seen ANY Skins blood drives this year.


You can also get VIP access through the Kids Club:

http://www.redskinskidsclub.com/  << Look under Contests and Events


or through WOW (Women of Washington Redskins):


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Thanks for all the info here. ALOT OF HELP.


Big thanks to the tip on the goalpost in the Kid Zone. Had 3 of my kids get selected onto field. ALMO signed 2 of there shirts and a Visor. It was one of the hot days, so most of the day they just sat back as me and my dad watched practice. Plopped them at the first fields goal post about 10 minutes before practice ended... PERFECT.


Stayed at Westin and had pep rally with Ken Harvey. Cool guy, looks like he could make team today. Some cheerleaders were there.


Buz and Nedswas great. Also would recommend Gus' for anyone next year. Located right on Broad next to facility.


Hope they can make parking a little more accessible next year, maybe even shuttles.


Skins looked good. Liked seeing Thompson run, did horrible at fielding punts. Cousins looked nothing lss than crisp and RGIII looked fine. Forbaith was making bombs.


Can't wait for Monday night!!!!

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