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I know it's early, but we currently have a thread in the stadium predicting the Redskins season, let's do one for the rest of the NFL.


NFC East

1. Redskins 10-6 (Skins win division with a tiebreaker)

2. Giants 10-6

3. Cowboys 9-7

4. Eagles 3-13


NFC North

1. Packers 13-3

2. Vikings 8-8

3. Lions 7-9

4. Bears 6-10


NFC South

1. Falcons 11-5

2. Saints 9-7

3. Panthers 8-8

4. Bucs 7-9


NFC West

1. 49ers 14-2

2. Seahawks 12-4

3. Rams 7-9

4. Cardinals 5-11


AFC East

1. Patriots 11-5

2. Dolphins 8-8

3. Bills 6-10

4. Jets 2-14


AFC North

1. Steelers 11-5

2. Bengals 10-6

3. Ravens 9-7

4. Browns 4-12


AFC South

1. Texans 12-4

2. Colts 7-9

3. Titans 6-10

4. Jaguars 3-13


AFC West

1. Broncos 12-4

2. Chargers 7-9

3. Chiefs 7-9

4. Raiders 3-13


Wild Card

Seahawks over Redskins - happens all the time

Falcons over Giants


Patriots over Bengals

Steelers over Ravens


Divisional Round

Packers over Seahawks

49ers over Falcons


Broncos over Patriots

Texans over Steelers


Championship Round

49ers over Packers


Broncos over Texans




Broncos over 49ers


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NFC East

NFC North

NFC South

NFC West

wild cards

AFC East

AFC North
Bengals 10-6

AFC South

AFC West




49ers over Denver


I think SF are starting a dynasty like NE. Good roster, plenty of cap space and tons of draft picks

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It's too early.



For now I will lean this way:



NFC-    Seattle, Atlanta, Green Bay, New York; wild card cards- 49ers, Rams.   I think the Skins slip slightly this year but just miss out on the playoffs due to tiebreakers.         Coaching changes are coming in Dallas, Detroit and Carolina.


AFC-   Texans, Pats, Broncos, Bengals; wild cards Chiefs, Steelers.   Coaching changes are coming in New York, Tennessee and Oakland.


I think the Superbowl will be    either Seattle/Atlanta vs.  Texans/Pats/Steelers.     I think the Broncos will disappoint by losing again the playoffs.    That would be ironic if Tebow- who will make the Pats roster  makes it to the Superbowl before Peyton. True, Tebow will be nothing more than a backup or used in some other position but still it would be funny.



These are just my early preseason thoughts.    I don't plan on making my final predictions until after Week 3 of the preseason.   Too many could happen in preseason to alter things, mainly injuries to key players.

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Too early for me as well. I'll say this: The AFC is a complete mess. Even with the Koppen injury and Vonn Miller suspension, the Broncos should sleepwalk into the 1 seed. Where they go from there I don't really know.


Texans? Fraudulent

Pats? I don't care who your coach or QB is, when you lose as much as they did in one offseason, that's going to knock you down a peg or two.

Steelers? Seems like their O-line gets murdered every year, and now they've lost Mike Wallace, and their D is another year older. We'll see.


After that I think it's a muddle of a bunch of okay teams (CIN, IND, MIA, SD,KC) all of whom (maybe except for Indy) have the potential to be pretty good depending on how the ball bounces. I think BAL ends up looking up at Cincy and Pittsburgh at the end of the season.



Now on the other hand, you have the NFC, which is now unquestionably the dominant conference, and probably hasn't been this loaded from top to bottom since the late 80's-early 90's. Each division is about 2-3 deep with teams that you would say right now, on paper, could vie for a Wild Card spot. I have no idea what's going to happen, but I'm about 80% certain that once again, the Redskins are going to have to win the division to make the playoffs. I think they'll have to go 11-5 to be assured of a Wild Card spot. The NFC is going to be a minefield this year.

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