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Want to trade - B3 Green Parking for reg. green or Orange + $


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I'm looking to trade my Green lot B3 parking passes for regular green for the season.  Might be a long shot..but figure I'd ask.  My tailgate party is on the complete other side of the stadium...and I'm wanting to get closer.  Regular Green would do that for me.


Or, I am possibly interested in getting Orange parking if someone is looking to unload.  I could trade my greens + $$$.


I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out!


PM me here..or direct email at carterjb23@yahoo.com


(I'm calling the Skins in a few to see if they'd somehow/someway help me out and let me trade.....I'm figuring that won't work out so well..so I'm posting it here.  But there's a potential deal breaker if they help me out!)



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