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Best and worst names for corporate-sponsored stadiums in the NFL?

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With Dallas now officially being called AT&T Stadium, made me wonder which (if any) corporate-sponsored stadium names are the best, and which ones are absolute trash?


Here's a list (as far as I could find):


FedEx Field

MetLife Stadium

AT&T Stadium

Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Sun Life Stadium

Bank of America Stadium

Mercedes Benz Superdome

FirstEnergy Stadium

CenturyLink Field

EverBank Field

Edward Jones Dome

Ford Field

Gillette Stadium

Heinz Field

Lincoln Financial Field

Lucas Oil Stadium

LP Field

M&P Bank Stadium

O.co Coliseum

Mall Of America Field

Qualcomm Stadium

Raymond James Stadium

Reliant Stadium


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For as much advertising as a company gets for sponsoring a stadium, I think they would get so much more if they sponsored one then actually named it something other than the company name.


They get their company name mentioned ad nauseum during every game, along with whatever commercials run during game time. That's a lot of presence.

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Mall Of America Field and Sports Authority Field at Mile High stick out like sore thumbs. Century Link Field sounds dumb because Qwest Field sounded better. Mercedes-Benz Superdome is hard to get used to because it was the Louisiana Superdome for so long.


It's honestly getting harder and harder to keep up with all these stadium names. It's like they change every 15 minutes. I don't know what the hell the Niners stadium is called.I swear,  in the span of like 6 years, I've heard it called:


Candlestick Park

3 Com Park 

Monster Park

Bill Walsh Field (to pay homage after he passed)

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M&P Bank is M&T Bank. I'll have to go with Lincoln Financial. Just Linclon Field's OK, but Financial is a bit much and TOO corporate sounding. Oh well, it's the Eagles and they're stuck with it, Lol.


Mall of America is kind of goofy sounding for a stadium.

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The rules of thumb for me are that the name has to be short, memorable and easy on the ear; and not too much "corporate" sounding to it i.e. financial or bank.  From those list, I'd say Ford field and Reliant Stadium sound the best.  Sports Authority Field at Mile High and Mall of America Field are too long for names.  And anything with "Bank" or "Financial" in their names are way too coporate for me. 

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I can't pick a best or a worst, because they're all ****ing awful. Back when stadiums were named after coaches or players or whatnot, it felt like there was some sort of tangible tradition attached, a mystique if you will. Now it's just cold robotic repetition of corporate monikers to drill brand recognition into the consumer.

It'd also be nice if you could enjoy even a single sentence on TV free of advertising, but I guess that's asking too much, huh?


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