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Peaking Playoff Teams


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Based on their performance last year in the regular season, the playoffs, and to a lesser degree, their off-season, do you think any of the teams from last year's playoffs peaked last year or can they get better?









Out of the AFC, I think it's obvious that the Ravens probably peaked. They won the Super Bowl, and it gets no better than that. But they lost a ton of pieces and only got a couple of quality replacements. I think the Patriots peaked. We won't see them get back to the AFC Championship for a long time.


I think the Texans peaked. Especially if Schaub is still going to be under center. I just don't think he has the talent to take them to the next level.


The Colts and Bengals are two young and talented teams. I think now the Bengals are the better team, but in a couple of years, I think the Colts will be better.










The Falcons and 49ers both improved big time in the off-season and they were in the NFC Championship last year. Wouldn't be surprised to see them in a re-match, but this time in San Francisco.

The Packers had a down year. If they can find a way to fix that defense, I think they will be just fine.


We all know the Redskins haven't peaked yet. We were hit hard with injuries last year and had a suspect D. Yet we won 7 of the last 8 games we played.


I think the Seahawks peaked. They got lucky at home in a couple of games last year and I think that defense isn't as tough as people think it is.


The Vikings peaked too. I don't know how they got in the playoffs with that QB play. I know AP was a monster last year, but I think he takes a step back and the Vikings won't win more than 8 games next year.....

Shoot, I meant to put this in ATN lol...

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Broncos - Better (Bad division - Got Wes Welker)

Patriots - Worse (Too many parts missing on Offense.  Suspect Defense)

Texans - Push (Bout the same as last year)

Ravens - Worse (Too many parts missing and in a competetive division)

Colts - Push - Bout the same as last year)

Bengals - Better (Experience helps them)


Ravens - Out of the playoffs

Steelers - in the playoffs


Falcons - Push (Same as last year.  Very consistent team in regular season)

49ers - Worse (Kap is overrated)

Packers - Push (Same as last year.  Division is not that good)

Redskins - Push (Same as last year - defense needs to be more consistent)

Seahawks - Better (This team has everything.  If they struggle it will be because of road woes or Wilson slumping)

Vikings - Worse (Fluke team last year)


Vikings out of the Playoffs

Giants in the Playoffs (No way the Giants are missing the playoffs after last years debacle

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Broncos - Better (Bad division - Got Wes Welker)

I forgot to say something about them lol


I think they haven't peak, but I don't think they could be much better than last year. They were already pretty good. They just had a mental cramp in the playoffs. I think they are the favorites to win the AFC this year.

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The thing is with the NFC east is that we will have to win the division to even be in the playoffs. I see the winner of the east with right around the same 10-6 9-7 record to get in. We have not peaked I'm going to throw my 2 cents in and say we are not there yet. Legitimately we could be first or last within the division. As for everyone else you still can't sleep on them. The Seahawks and 49ers are of the same mold, Wilson and Kape are only going to get better. The falcons are tough as nails and has the best deep threat in all of football with Julio Jones. The only team I see who has peaked was the Ravens and you can't count them out of the playoffs because of Flaccos play.

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if Robert comes back healthy, there isn't a chance in hell we are not winning the NFC East.  Can we be as unlucky as last year and have that many injuries?  Can the Giants or Cowboys really say they have improved from last year?  You guys forget how abused the Giants got just when they needed to turn it on and now their strength, pass rush has diminished in my opinion.


Oops i forgot my picks















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Regardless of offseason moves, I think the most important factor of which team is peaking in season when the playoffs arrive.  We've just about every year recently.  The Giants in years past and Ravens last year both looked terrible at points in the season but got hot and won the Super Bowl.  Ironically, the Skins had done just that last year.  The defense was playing it's best ball, the running game was rolling, we were just missing our healthy QB.  I'm certain if RG3 had not been injured, we would have played for a championship.

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Don't sleep on the Saints fellas.  They just missed it and they're getting their HC (one of the two best playcallers in the game) back this year.  They'll be ready and they still have about two to three years left in this window.


Not to derail, but we'd be naive to leave them out in terms of the discussion.

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I think the Colts peaked - tougher schedule knocks them down to 7-9.

I think the Packers and Broncos go to the conference title game.

Ravens will drop down significantly. Pats too, but a weak division keeps them fresh.

Hawks and Niners will be tough.

2014 will be the Skins year. No idea about this year.

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