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Sale pending -- half season, 401 Row 12 (4 seats + green)

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Seats are 45 yard line, Skins side, center of the row -- totally unobstructed view above all glass and railings.  My fall is going to be complicated, and I know I won't be able to make a lot of games.  So I'm looking to sell half my season at face value.  You can have 4 seats + green parking pass to:


  • opening day against the Eagles
  • your pick of EITHER the Cowboys or Giants (I want to go to one of these two)
  • your pick of two of the Detroit, Chicago, SD, and KC games (I have plans to go to the SF game, but if it's a deal breaker could negotiate)
  • your pick of one of the two pre-season games.

For the playoffs, you can have the rights to buy 2 of my 4 seats at any home game at cost, but not the parking pass.


PM if interested.  Not looking to sell single seats at this time.



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