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Monumental Memories: Jim Craig and the Miracle on Ice


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I'm a huge hockey fan and can remember the Miracle on Ice like it was played last month.


I just came across a great  mini-documentary (two 3-minute videos) of and interview with Jim Craig as he talks about that great moment.  Hope you like it as much as I did.


http://www.monumentalnetwork.com/videos/monumental-memories-jim-craig-the-miracle-on-ice/index.jsp?tagId=0000013b-f786-d8b5-a77b-f7e62cd50000  (part 1)


http://www.monumentalnetwork.com/videos/monumental-memories-jim-craig-directors-cut/index.jsp?tagId=0000013b-f786-d8b5-a77b-f7e62cd50000 (part2)


There are lots of other good, mostly local (DC) videos at that site as well.

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