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CONCACAF Gold Cup. US vs Belize 7/9


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US plays Belize tonight in their opening match.  11 PM ET kickoff.


It's a strange team Klinsmann has brought in.


Donovan, Gomez, Onyewu, Goodson have all seen significant time with the Natl team.  But havent been on the last few WCQ rosters.


Demarcus Beasley is the captain, and continues playing at LB.


Stuart Holden is back from injury.  Mix Diskerud looked fantastic the other night in a friendly vs Guatemala.


Nick Rimando in goal.  He figures to be the 3rd keeper in the WC.


Other fringe players looking for a light to get into the discussion for making the final 23 for Brazil- Beckerman (ugh), Castillo (longshot, but possible), Parkhurst (no way if Cherundolo gets healthy), Corona (too crowded in the midfield), Bedoya (my personal choice for final player in for WC), Brek Shea?


No matter, they should paste Belize.  5+ is my bet.

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Gold Cup roster is upcoming players or players that might get a shot for Brazil.  Plus our players for qualifying would be back with clubs right now for preseason training.  Shea should be too but he's staying at a sub.  Not sure why when this would be his first preseason with Stoke City.  Our team is built on experience though.  This tourney is not about Klinsmann creaming other young CONCACAF countries (most like Mexico and Honduras left off some of their bigger names too).  This is about finding out which players deserve a shot at Brazil.  Any player who has done many games in qualifying already has a good shot at being on the roster.

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Panama should have been up 3-0 at half time but missed a couple open nets.  They got the lead back in the second half and then held on.  That 2-1 score could have been a blow out in Panama's favor if they converted the first half.  


Canada is just embarrassing.  They shouldn't automatically qualify for the GC.  Not when they put up the embarrassing showings they do in GC and WCQing.Martinique isn't even recognized by FIFA thus doesn't get to do WCQing.

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Speaking of Mexico.  They lost 2-1 to Panama.  Chepo's seat gets hotter and hotter.


And WTF, Canada lost to Martinique?  (Great shot btw). 


Canada sucks and they don't appear to really be improving which is unfortunate for us because I believe everyone benefits from a higher level of competition.


I'm looking forward to seeing more of Holden. I would be ecstatic to never see Beckerman in a US jersey again. Now if only we could get Rimando out of goal. I just don't understand why he keeps getting starts in these games when he is not the future. Give the experience to Hamid or Johnson.

Love the way it's a 'roster' and not a 'squad/ team list.'

Darn Yanks. Always gota' be different ha ha


Isnt it enough that we're using proper terms like "boots", "Kits" and "pitch"?


Cleats, jerseys, and field. Get it right, mayne!

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Kudos to the Belize keeper Orio.  He kept it from being 11-1. 


The US struggled because they kept trying to pass around 10 guys instead of firing up the shooting gallery.


Couple of players stood out to me-


Wondo-  3 goals is 3 goals.  And his role is to put himself in positions to poach.  But he's terrible outside of that. 


Torres- complete and total garbage.  I HOPE this tournament is the last time we see him.


Diskerud was fantastic.  Holden was fantastic.  Donovan was fantastic.


I don't think anyone else made a case for them going to Brazil last night.  But there are lots more games in this gold cup. 

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US v Costa Rica tonight at 8.


A US win or Tie means the US will play Martinique in the next round (assuming nothing crazy happens in the Cuba- Belize match ).  If they lose, they play Honduras.  So I'd expect a full effort tonight.


7 game win streak matches the longest ever.  So a win tonight would be the record.

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