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Hottest 80's female in any given movie

Spaceman Spiff

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- Geena Davis was so hot in Earth Girls Are Easy. She looked good in all her movies back then, but that one in particular. Pink Bikini.

- Another one is Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places. Se had such an awesome body. She looked good in A Fish Called Wanda too.

- Continuing with the hot androgynous 80's babe, Brigitte Nielsen in Red Sonja.

- Bo Derek in Tarzan, the Ape Man.

- Kelly Preston in Twins.

- Kim Basinger in that awful Bond Movie, Never Say Never Again. Also in the Natural. And Batman too.

- This is a little weird but I always thought Beverly D'Angelo from all the National Lampoon's Vacation movies was super hot. And of course, Christie Brinkley too.

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I was an adolescent, so just about any listed here will qualify.  :)  But some that I was "fond" of:


Linda Fiorentino (Gotcha, Vision Quest)

Mia Sara (Ferris Bueller)

Rebecca Demornay (Risky Business)


More obvious ones:  Elisabeth Shue/Lebrock/Basinger


One that I didn't think was that "hot" back in the 80s but feel got prettier/sexier as she got older was Helen Slater (Secret of My Success, SuperGirl). 

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