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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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They mentioned the year Smart was drafted during the broadcast so I looked it up.  the 2014 draft had a hell of a second round.


Joe Harris

Spencer Dinwiddie

Jarami Grant 


Dwight Powell

Jordan Clarkson


If you follow the NBA you know every single one of those guys.  

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On 5/19/2022 at 2:35 AM, The Evil Genius said:


At the end of game one they showed a stat that said the Warriors have a series record of 19-1 when they win game 1 in a playoff series under Kerr.


The only one they lost was when Lebron came back on them down 1-3.


That is a CRAZY stat and bad news for the Mavs.

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Green should have four techs by now.  He has five fouls though so he might end his own night at this rate.  As a vet he should be better than this.  

Dallas has gone cold, they’re in trouble.  

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I mean if the offensive player doesn't alter his motion going in for the layup should it even be an offensive foul?


Otto is in Dinwiddies space. I'd like to see that be a no call.

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