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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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1 hour ago, RonArtest15 said:

Kyrie gonna ruin that squad.  LOL


If Kawhi signs w/ LA, then the balance of power will be shifted in the league...however, if he stays in Toronto or goes to the LAC, then things will be wide open for next year. 

This.  The difference in next season being truly a question mark where we don’t know which team will make the finals in either conference, and another super team that makes the season largely meaningless, comes down to Kawhi.  Hopefully he doesn’t make the weakest finals mvp move in history and join up with the Space Jam crew.

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53 minutes ago, bearrock said:

If they keep Hill at 19 mil a year, the gm should be fired.


After giving Middleton the money, between him, Bledsoe, and Giannis, they have no more flexibility. Given that neither Bledsoe nor Middleton have played like a number 2 on a contender, they need another talent.  Losing Brogdon, a player who has shown tremendous promise and could be kept with the only cost being money and cap flexibility (which they already lack due to Middleton), is not the way to progress towards a championship.  By losing Brogdon, Bucks now have no real path towards a title till Bledsoe is off the books unless they hit a homerun in the draft, gets dollars back for dimes in a trade, or someone takes a leap forward.

They should offer Middleton and a boat load of picks to the Wizards for Beal.  Beal and Giannis are a duo that could win titles.  They sure as hell would have beaten the Raptors, because Beal covered by a single defender wouldn’t have **** put up pathetic scoring numbers like Middleton did.  


The wizards might be tempted to attempt a rebuild if they could do it while keeping enough talent to keep fans watching.  

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I hate the Tobias Harris contract, but I don't hate the other moves Philly made today.  If Simmons starts making his leap, they could be really good.  Especially if Kawhi takes off.


I like the Jimmy Butler pick up for Miami.  Great coach.  Very good defense that could be great with a few additions.  And now a workhorse volume scorer to lead them.  If they stay healthy, they should be better than Orlando this year and win the division.


I also like the moves that Indy has made.  They could make a leap into 50+ win territory if Oladipo gets healthy this season.


Utah is a legit contender.


New Orleans has spent so much money and made so many additions, where was all of this effort when Davis was there?


Boston is going to be alright.  Kemba Walker was a nice addition.  He's a rich man's version of Isaiah Thomas, who Stevens got playing at an MVP level.  They're not going to miss Kyrie.  But they'll miss Horford.

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