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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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1 hour ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

I think this semantic battle over the word owner is kind of strange.  Putting a taboo on an otherwise innocuous word is going to be alienating to some degree.  But the NBA owners can call themselves whatever they want, who really cares?  To me change is but an opportunity for creative expression.  I would like to see Ted Leonsis begin styling himself as High Warlock, or perhaps Sorcerer Supreme.  I can think of some good titles for Vivek Ranadive too.

Overlord Leonsis continues his search for a new High Inquisitor.  The wizards inquisition has been leaderless since April.   

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19 minutes ago, Mr. Sinister said:


Hell yeah. Everything is awesome..... Everything is cool when youre part of a team, and all that good ****👍


This is so great cause the second lego movie has the Wizards theme song. 



Everything's not awesome
Things can't be awesome all of the time
It's an unrealistic expectation
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try
To make everything awesome
In a less idealistic kind of way
We should maybe aim for not bad
'Cause not bad, well that would be real great



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29 minutes ago, Hersh said:


This is so great cause the second lego movie has the Wizards theme song. 



I swear the Wizards thread feels like a Support Group meeting sometimes.


"I'm back again, so I dont know if that means I've falling off the wagon or not."


*circle claps

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2 minutes ago, StillUnknown said:


Paul George should have won IMO


He's worthy, but not more so than Giannis or Gobert IMO.  Giannis led the best D in the league and Gobert led the second best D.  The Thunder were too five but not as good as the Bucks and Jazz. 


2013 ended up being a remarkable draft.  I can't remember another class where the top ten was so weak, and where it became so clear so quickly that the teams picking on the lottery has screwed up so bad on Giannis and Gobert.  We basically knew early in 2014 that they should have gone 1 and 2.  Now they're two of the most valuable players in the NBA.

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