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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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I'll say this, for a team that hasn't won anything yet, GS sure have practically every great team from the past coming out of the woodwork saying, "we'll beat this Warriors team." Which also means that GS is a great team.

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i don't know what happened to Tristan before game 4 but he woke up and he seems to have remained so.  Cavs are much better when he's a physical force in the paint. 


That missed call call on Durant was big, he's scored the last 6 points and put the Warriors ahead.  He should be on the bench.

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Just now, Destino said:

Curry had a better half than his numbers show, he killed the Cavs with his passing out of doubles.  He, more than anyone, made the Warriors offense go in that first half imo.  

its what he always does. Thats the gravitational pull. His impact on offense is so much bigger than anyone else's.



But underrated was Igoudala. They put Iggy on Kyrie, and he was quieted. Iggy was also creating well on offense too. His play was a key factor during that run.



Also, Lebron's defense during that run was shockingly embarrassing. 

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