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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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A lot of people overlooked the fact Houston had every opportunity to go 2-0 up in that series while Jason Terry was guarding Curry. Cavs have looked the better team in this post season imo despite what the media might say. 

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The criticisms of Kyrie's defense are being validated. Cavs are better in this series without him so far. In game one his scoring kept it close, but since he went out GS can't run it's offense.

Cavs might be benefitting from having two allstars out. Love and Kyrie might have turned this series into a shoot out.

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Soft team is soft. If Houston had Beverly, they might've won that series. He would do everything Delly is doing and more.

No, just no. Curry is having a rough finals but let's not act like he's suddenly some scrub.

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