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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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Phenomenal comeback by the Nets! They were down 24 at one point in the second half. They may be horrible defensively, but man they are deeeeep. So much firepower. With the Bucks looking kind of whatever, I like them to win the east. I see the Sixers are leading the east, I honestly haven't seen them play much. I don't trust them though they are young and I've seen Embiid choke in the playoffs before.

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No one is going to beat them. With 3 elite scorers and playmaker, there's just no way you can gameplan around that in a 7 game series


Its alarming tho how many teams are losing still when the other team is resting starters. Happened to us last night

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8 minutes ago, Dr. Do Itch Big said:

Draymond gotta real it in that situation. Literally cost us the game. 

There’s no changing him at this point.  He’s got the emotional control of a hungry toddler.  

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They could easily make the NBA ASG a 2k MyTeam or whatever online fest and promote their twitch channel or use the own athlete's twitch as a marketing tool (heck who knows how many NBA stars play 2k on the side) instead of having everyone gather from across the US in one location for some dumb ASG

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2 hours ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

Get this man some help, Cubes. I want to watch him in meaningful playoff games 

Porzingas isn’t it either.  The unicorn is more myth than man apparently, because he’s never on the floor.


Dallas needs a second star. 


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