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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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I read that his mom and grandma died in the same year when he was young and his father has been out of his life for a long time and he was raised by his sister.  That is a terrible amount of adversity to go through, and I sympathize with him, but I would also be very afraid that he is unstable.  He hasn't had any stability in his life for a while.  When you put that background together with the fact that he has always been on bad teams and couldn't even win at the AAU level, then there is just no way I would pick him top five.  He's going to be a gunner role player who does nothing to help you but score, and absolutely isn't a foundation player that you trust and plan to build around.


He's also apparently not particularly bright if he thinks NFL players have more freedom and empowerment than NBA players. He's still very much a kid and he's going to be a lousy pro for a while, similar to how DeAngelo Russell was in LA.  Russell was a lot better of a prospect than him too.


I read that Lamelo Ball's interviews have been god awful too.  Not surprised by that. Wiseman is the best kid of the top guys, but people think he's soft and that he quit on Memphis and Kwame Brown's name came up in comparison to him.  This is an absolutely treacherous year to be picking at the top of the draft.  Minny should just pick Obi Toppin and hope he becomes a poor man's Blake Griffin.

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6 hours ago, Dr. Do Itch Big said:

Damn if that why Russ really want to leave props. Couldn’t the bucks traded for Bradley Beal instead? I think jure is a little washed. 


The Wizards aren't going to trade Beal.  Not until he's closer to a walk year, which is either 22-23 or 23-24.  The Bucks couldn't wait around on that, they have one season to make a case to Giannis that he can win a championship in Milwaukee.


I have a hard time believing Tillman Fertitta's politics are why everyone wants out.  These owners are all billionaires.  There will be Republicans everywhere.  And Russ played in OKC forever, and Clay Bennett seems like the most right wing owner in the league.

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16 hours ago, Destino said:

So they gave up three picks and two swaps (which will be lottery picks if they lose Giannis) for a one year rental of Jrue Holiday?  That trade is absolutely ridiculous.  


Player option for 21-22.


Milwaukee now only has Middleton and Lopez under contract for sure in 21-22.  That team is set to detonate if Giannis walks next summer.  Those Jrue trade picks could end up being juicy if they don't have adequate protection.  They are banking absolutely everything on being able to sign Giannis to a long term extension.


We should remember that Giannis hasn't gotten paid in his career like LeBron and Harden et al. He's only had one big contract and it was his rookie extension.  He wasn't a high draft pick that made a big rookie contract either.  It'll be harder for him to walk away from a DPVE offer than them.  Davis and Kawhi and Kyrie all did it, but they also weren't walking away from 60 win one seed teams too.  This is going to go down as one of the most high pressure seasons and contract negotiations I can ever remember.

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1 hour ago, Mr. Sinister said:




it has begun


Wow. Thunder are fleecing teams.

Sucks about Klay. Guess Lebron gets back to the finals 

Bogdan said no to the trade to the Bucks. That could turn out to be a blessing for the Bucks.

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This is what Sam Vecenie wrote about LaMelo Ball in his mock draft:


LaMelo Ball | 6-6 guard | 18 years old | Illawarra Hawks

The player: Ball is my No. 1 overall player on the board. He sees and understands the game in a way that few teenagers do. That displays itself most in his passing ability. Ball is tremendous at reading the second and third levels of the defense and making anticipatory passing reads based off of how those defenders play in help. He sees nearly every pass that is available, and on top of it has the talent to execute said passes from a wide variety of angles. He’s an elite-level live-dribble passer, and an elite ballhandler who can create separation with ease. Plus, at 6-foot-6, he has elite size for the point guard position. Questions will persist about his shooting ability (he has clear touch, but needs to improve his consistency) and about his defense (he needs to make a much, much better effort here, but makes excellent rotations when engaged), but Ball has the most talent in this class, and in a draft bereft of star upside, he has it in a big way.


I read that his interviews were bad, but he's got the most talent in the class.  He seems like a boom or bust pick.  He could be a knucklehead and be a disappointment, but whatever else can be said about him, the NBA is definitely not going to be too big for him.  That kid is ****y AF.  He has the rock solid, unearned confidence of a buffoon but sometimes that insulates people from failure.

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