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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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Jokic is definitely in better shape.  He’s played 33 minutes through three quarters and he’s not even breathing heavy.  Last year I remember thinking “this guy is about to pass out” during the playoffs.  

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6 minutes ago, abdcskins said:

Dude, Paul George has showed me he is overrated these playoffs. He has one quarter to prove me wrong. 


He's never looked quite the same since that broken leg.


Lou Williams production fell off the map.


Nugs pulling away.

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2 minutes ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

I can’t remember a missed dunk going past half court before 

so far Clips have missed two easy layups and a dunk in the 4th quarter 

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8 minutes ago, AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy said:

You’ve never played pickup with me. 🤣

Id be proud of that. I’d like to say the same but when you’re 5’6 and can only slam the ball into the bottom of the net on a dunk attempt, it doesn’t have the same effect...


on a separate note, Kawhi is like 6-20. Man, I’d hate to be the dumbass that said he was a killer earlier in this thread. That person probably feels really stupid right now 

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