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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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Anyone know what Lebron’s record is when entering the 4th tied or with a lead?  I’m betting it’s very good.  I’ve said this forever, but the way to beat Lebron is the first half.  You have to shell his teams early.  He doesn’t get into kill mode when he’s getting his ass kicked.  If he’s in a close game though, he’ll sense that win and go get it.  

Plus, it’s very hard to trade baskets late with a Lebron lead team and come out on top.  If it comes down to the last ten possession, his team is going to get buckets and he’s going to wipe out at least one of yours.  

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That church chapel brick should do it

7 minutes ago, Hersh said:

I was about to make fun of Playoff Harden being awful but the Lakers have just made this a game. Maybe the worst 5 minutes of basketball I have ever seen a team play. 


I was gonna say I cannot recall a faster 20 pt evaporation. It was almost like a mirage 

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I can’t think of another time an inbounds pass after a made basket was caught running out of bounds. It’s like someone had money on the spread or the under.


Houston is done. Playoff Harden made an appearance. 

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I thought it was hilarious how everyone talked **** about how slow the Lakers would be not being able to catch up with "Fast" Houston. "Houston in 7" "Houston is too good."


Lakers up 3-1.


It could go 7 games. But the way the Lakers have manhandled the Rockets so far this series could be quick. 😜

11 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

Well, not a great spot that Houston finds themselves in.


This Lakers defense is really good.  If we get the Clippers Lakers in the WCF, then all of the teams left playing will be really really good defensive teams.

And Luke Walton was blamed for their poor D last year


They improved dramatically

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