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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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Last season espn was celebrating the Knicks for clearing cap space and discussing how many stars they’d sign in the offseason.  Not if anyone of note would sign there, but what combination of stars they should get.  Hehe

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"My teammates got on my ass," James told ESPN's Israel Gutierrez during a walk-off interview on the game broadcast. "They told me you're playing too passive, thinking about the game way too much instead of read and reacting and doing what you do. ... [Davis] got on me, Boogie Cousins got on me and they told me to just be me. So I was like, 'Thank God we have two halves in a basketball game,' where I can flush the first one, and then come back and try to help us win."

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1 minute ago, Berggy9598 said:

Slightly above average player that’ll probably be injured half the season is what we were led to believe all summer. All of this is so shocking 

The injury thing, sure, but who was saying AD was slightly above average? 

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