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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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Clippers have more depth, better shooters, and play better defense.  They have a better coach too.  I think they will win the west for sure and more than likely the championship.  Montrez Harrell is super underrated.  I like Zubac off the bench too.

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8 hours ago, StillUnknown said:


and they down a lieutenant 


they gonna be hell when he comes back


Cousin and I watching last night, and he tried to pump breaks because it was the first game.  My response was if this is what this matchup looks like without PG, theres no way the Lakers win a 7 game series against them.  The difference in role players is so strikingly obvious.

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This **** isn't going away any time soon :ols:





In a highly anticipated speech, Mr Pence condemned the NBA and Nike for "kowtowing" to Beijing and "muzzling" criticism of China.

It comes in the wake of a diplomatic row over an NBA owner's support for anti-Beijing protesters in Hong Kong.

He also said Chinese policy is growing "more aggressive and destabilising".

In the speech to the Wilson Center think tank in Washington DC, the Republican said: "In siding with the Chinese Communist Party and silencing free speech, the NBA is acting like a wholly owned subsidiary of the authoritarian regime."



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