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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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1 minute ago, Lombardi's_kid_brother said:


Don't screw with me.


This is the greatest moment in sports history if that's the case.

google says warriors -2.5.


welcome to this weeks edition of bad beats.  Those free throws just killed some people.  

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1 minute ago, Destino said:

VanVleets champ hat looks like it the logo is interchangeable.  Like they waited til the end and just slapped a raptors Velcro logo on it.


I think everyone learned their lesson since that '07 SB when Merton Hanks nearly had a heart attack going back and forth between separate boxes grabbing hats, tees and other stuff

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2 minutes ago, BenningRoadSkin said:


The Warriors are finished. And they do have to pay Klay and Durant or at least make an offer because no free agent would ever go there again.


But this run is over.


Defensively they got worked. Raps were the only ones to do it consistently but they had trouble all postseason.


Back to the drawing board

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I hope the trophy stays in Canada, ya'll thinking of moving to Seattle or something?


Omg, their GM is never coming here, he's too good for us, looking like Obama up there.

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