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ABC: Are Flying Bikes the Solution to Road Traffic?


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Yeah, That's what we need in an all ready crowed airspace, Lots of small flying bikes darting & dashing through flight routes

Just like motorcycle riders weaving through traffic on a crowed highway. It's a Controller's nightmare

And back in the '50's there were companies selling helicopters that you could store in your garage

"A Helicopter In Every Garage"

I was thought the coolest aspect from the Jetsons was the menu

you had a Meat Pill,Veg. Pill, Fruit Pill

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Can only stay in the air for 5 minutes.  That's not really long enough to get you anywhere.  It also looks like nobody was brave enough to get on the thing either.  They had to use a mannequin, with a guy using a remote control box.


I think I'll pass.

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Its probably a weight issue, using the mannequin. I doubt a normal sized person could be lifted with battery power. let alone a big dude like myself.


But hey, this could be just the beginning.


Next Gen GPS will be sweet. You plug in your destination and the navigation system will give you a set route, speed, altitude and a clear airspace to follow, avoiding other flying vehicles, airports, helicopters, etc... stray from the course and you get fined. you wont be able to land just anywhere, of course... but in the future, who knows?

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