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Fail Safe - How the Skins need to run the ball and quit worrying about the bomb

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This is embarrassing. :anon: You mean to tell me that the Skins have invested over $100 million dollars in their Fail Safe offensive line and besides the 23 sacks they can't run the football when they need too? The Skins need to start running the ball now and quit worrying about the bomb. :laugh:

Last week we couldn't run the ball against Philadelphia and gained only 49 yards rushing. Thats embarrassing. The Buzzards front seven is: Brandon Whiting, Corey Simon, Darnell Walker, the undersized N.D. Kalu, LB's Nate Wayne, Mark Simoneau and Carlos Emmons. This aint killers row and none of the DL are listed at even 300 lbs. There is not a single all-pro player in this bunch, although Corey Simon is close to that level! And yet this group of castoffs for the most part from other clubs is outplaying the Skins front seven which has three all pro linebackers. Embarrassing. :anon:

Even Tampa Bay as good as their defense is, has an undersized defensive line and linebackers, and was proven vulnerable to the run by Carolina and Stephen Davis. :anon:

This puts even more pressure on Ramsey when he is put in obvious 3rd and long passing situations and had to throw 45 times against the Buzzards and 32 times against Tampa Bay before he was taken out.

Rushing Well Wins Games -- from FFMastermind.com

ESPN's Len Pasquarelli reports the top five rushing teams in the league through five weeks -- Baltimore, Carolina, Denver, Minnesota and Kansas City - have a combined record of 20-3.

What Pastabelly also overlooked was of these 5 teams, last year only Denver at 9-7 had a winning record. :doh:

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Now, I'm one of the folks usually saying "If we'd run more, all evils would have been cured."

I think, if Marty had run Davis more, we'd have peace in the middle east right now.

But yeaterday, in the second half, we were running, and it wasn't working. (And the Bucs, who's running game hadn't worked well in the 1st half, were working.)

Now, if your point is that we need to run better, then I'm with you. But I don't know if just running more would help.

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We could have run the ball 40 times and we still lose that game. We were outplayed badly in every facet of the game in the second half.

What we do need to do is change our pass protection schemes. Ladell Betts on Simeon Rice is not going to get you too far. In general, Spurrier's protection schemes seem to be the final piece of the puzzle--once he adapts those to the pro game, then this offense will be scary.

A side note: I thought Spurrier called a fantastic game in the first half--Ramsey just had a Goid awful second half.

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