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Fun times messing with a student.


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A little background here:


I am a student advisor at a local college with tenure and have dealt with some of the rudest students in my life, but this one yahoo really rubs me the wrong way.  He has this attitude that he is owed something and when he does not get his way it is always someone else’s fault.  All he does is **** about his life and how all the things he loves never work out the way they are supposed to.  Last year it was the Nationals losing and RGIII getting hurt (yea, he is that guy that wears the NFC East Champions shirt all over campus)  So I come to find out a while back that he is enrolling to get his second degree from our university.  At that time I went ahead and laid out my perfect plan.


As his advisor I left him 2 elective credits short going into his final semester.  I then created
a fake “rock climbing class” that would only be two weeks long and would count as 2 credits earned. (Yea, what idiot believes a class is only two weeks long).  This past Friday he showed up to “orientation” and I hired 8 other students to pretend they were taking the class along with one of my buddies to pretend he was the instructor.


On Saturday he showed up and I had a note posted that said the class had been cancelled do to “the inability of the university to obtain the proper insurance and special use permits needed.” 


This Monday he came storming into my office all heated and I told him that there was a chance we could get everything worked out by Friday of this week and the class would continue. Of course this is just a stall tactic in hopes he will wait it out and miss registering for any of the other courses he could take.


Then he wanted to look for other 2 credit classes that he could possibly take and I gave him a copy of our old schedule before we even offered 1 or 2 credit electives.  The jerkbag didn’t even notice it was an outdated calendar.


So today he came in asking to sign up for a 3 credit elective (which isn’t really even offered since he is going off an old calendar) AND he wants us to pay the difference between a 2 credit class and a
3 credit class.  Needless to say I laughed at him and said that wasn’t happening.


He then gave me some sob story about how he is getting married this fall but has to move out of state to do so (I think he said he had to go to Massachusetts for the wedding, although I really don’t understand why) and he wouldn’t be around to finish his degree.  Not My Problem Buddy!!  

Any thoughts on what I should do to him next?  I’m hoping to stall him through the end of
the semester just to see what he does.

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