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Read-Option Offense?


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The talking heads often call the Redskins' offense a read-option offense.


This is a collection of Alfred Morris' longer runs. Tough dude, fun to watch.



Lets categorize each play and see how many Read-Option plays there are...

1 = Point Of Attack Counter - Not R/O - Gibbs Style

2 = Inside Zone - Not R/O...Shanny/Terrell Davis Style

3 = Outside Zone - Not R/O...More Terrell Davis Style...awesome toughness

4 = Inside Zone - Bounced Out - Not R/O

5 = Read-Option!

6 = Inside Zone

7 = Screen - CB's nightmare

8 = Outside Zone...knocking Panthers over like bowling pins

9 = Inside Zone - Eagles afraid to hit Morris

10 = Point of Attack = Gibbs Style

11 = Outside Zone

12 = Read Option...only the 2nd one on this list.

13 = Read Option

14 = Point of Attack with an H-Back...Gibbs patented this one

15 = Outside Zone

16 = Inside Zone - Outstanding downfield blocking against Eagles

17 = Fake Outside, then Inside zone

18 = Outside Zone

19 = Inside Zone, Bounced

20 = Outside Zone

21 = Read Option

22 = Outside Zone

23 = Outside Zone

24 = Inside Zone

25 = Outside zone


Of these 25:

3 = Gibbs Style

4 = Read Option

18 = Shanahan standard zone-stretch


Four out of 25 hardly is enough to call this a read-option offense.


Now, to be fair...early in the season, DE's and OLBs would bite on the hand-off almost every time, so RG3 ended up keeping the ball. Only later in the season did the read-defenders start to stay at home and cause the inside hand-off on the option. Still. This is a pretty good sampling of plays that worked.

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A great break down of what our offense truly does, now can we please put it to rest that our offense is a read option offense? Probably not, the talking heads will continuously say its a read option attack when in reality it's a beast of an offense with multiple looks.  All I have to say it is a good time to be a redskins fan,



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In his presser today Kyle said the read-option accounted for about 1/3 of our running game last year. That's sounded a little high to me just based on my gut feeling I would have said a bit less. Point is as the OP shows the read option is just a part of our offense it's not the whole thing.

It's an important part of the offense though as it really slows down defenses and makes them tentative especially the edge rushers. Kyle pointed out how much it has reduced the amount teams blitzed us and slowed down pass rush. Imagine that, the read option helping REDUCE the number of hits RGIII gets .....

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Never understood why we'd be tagged with that label. People saw what we did with Cousins at QB, I'd assume. And that certainly wasn't read option.

Shanahan's offense has always been a zone scheme on the ground and west coast in the air. He now has zone read elements and the pistol alignmet. They're calling it the East Coast Offense in its whole. That works for me.

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Can't see the video or link. However as far as those who don't know I say soo what. It the opposing teams buy into it and focus their preps on it. Then itbonly makesbthe game offensively that much.lore simple. But in all seriousness, you'd better believe Coughlin, Kelly, and dallass understand the difference.

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