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Seeking input on SharePoint/Google Docs alternatives

The Sisko

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I manage a website for an organization with ~5K users. The site has a variety of things that our users find valuable but the document management area of the site is dated and clunky. Hell, if I'm honest about it, calling it dated and clunky is probably being too kind. So I'd like input from any of you that have experience with document sharing/collaboration and other services implemented using anything other than SharePoint or Google Docs. So far, I've researched LifeRay, PBWorks, Kablink, and MangoApps to the extent possible without having a server to set them up on (we have developers that do all the programming, hosting, etc.)


Any input, whether from the technical or user end would be greatly appreciated.

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Need more information.  What are you looking to do with your document sharing area?  What does clunky and dated mean?  Does everyone have access to all the docs or do you need to assign groups/permissions as to who can see what?

What exactly don't you like about the way they are currently stored?

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We'd definitely need permissions-based access/editing capability for individuals and groups. Regarding editing, I'd like our users to be able to collaborate on docs so they don't have to email files back and forth. Also, even though I mentioned document sharing, it's not limited to documents. We also store spreadsheets, powerpoints, image files, etc. We don't store much in the way of audio/video files but I wouldn't rule that capability out.


Our current implementation suffers from the following problems:

Files have to be downloaded, edited, then re-uploaded

No drag and drop-moving from one folder to another requires download and re-upload

Poor indexing/search capability

Limited file sharing capability

Uploads limited to one at a time

Adding/moving top level folders requires developer time

Users can't access publicly available documents while logged into the system


This part of the site was OK when it was developed but it's definitely showing its age now. 

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Hi Yusuf06,

Have you ever heard of Citrix ShareFile? I'd be happy to talk to you about it-it's a secure file sharing and data collaboration service, offering both hosted and on-premises options. If you PM me your email address, I can send you more info on it. (Full disclosure: I clearly work for said company haha).


But reading through your needs, I'm confident that we can accommodate. Certainly worth taking a look at.

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