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CONCACAF 2014 World Cup Qualification - Play resumes Sept 6!


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Still no official word on the lineup.


I may be tempted to leave Altidore on the bench if his hammy isnt 100 percent and save him for Tuesday.


Play Aron up top with Dempsey underneath.








Play close and work a counter.


A point is the goal.  A win would all but guarentee Brazil, but that's a tough nut to crack imo.

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I think we came out flat and go nailed for it by an emotionally driven CR side. We played better in the 2nd half, but couldn't really combine to break through. Partially us, partially the CR defense played well. The inability to break through, IMO, was because the front guys had not had enough games together—out of sync.


Just as well to write this off as a bad game and finish out our remaining three(?) matches favorably. We seem to just come out flat when we go to these banana republics. 

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Yeah, first one his positioning was horrible and it looks like Borges jump caught him off guard. That's excusable but a midfielder, central defender, and a full back failed to take care of the situation—so can't blame it all on TH. Third goal was a breakaway, the man got a foot on it, short of a save, can't ask much more of a keeper in that situation. 


Who'd replace him anyway? Guzan? Hard to argue that he's an upgrade. He'd make his own share of mistakes and poor play.

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No Bradley, No Jozy, No Besler, No Cameron, Brooks left.


We're in serious trouble tonight.


If someone offered a draw, I'd jump at the chance right now.


Howard is going to have to play out of his mind, and above his recent form.


Mexico just loss at home to Honduras. Second loss in Azteca ever in qualifying.  They aren't exactly rolling right now either.  I agree if Mexico was ever gonna win there this might be it but I remember some qualifiers when we loss critical players early in the game or before and we found a way to win 2-0 each time.  

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