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Hillsborough Update- For those that asked to be kept abreast of proceedings.

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Apologies for the new thread. Since the changeover, I can't locate my old threads no matter what I do. (Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.).




New inquest date was set today for March 31, 2014. Location yet to be confirmed but LJ Goldring confident a satisfactory location will be sourced and will not delay the start of the new inquest, which will be heard before a jury.


What is beyond the pale, though after the last 24 years I shouldn't be surprised in the least; is the utterly reprehensible comments of the lawyer acting on behalf of the Police commanders on the day of the game:


Lawyer for Hillsborough match commanders claims Hillsborough Independent Panel report had 'agenda' in favour of families. John Beggs QC, on behalf of match commanders, says HIP report should not be considered independent. 


Utterly obscene comments as the establishment STILL continues to cover it's own ass and protect those that have zero right to be protected. IMHO, you're not fit of the position you hold Mr Beggs and should be ashamed. If I had the power I'd strike you off before I finished typing this. 


The road ahead is still a VERY long one. But this is another small step nearer to all anyone has ever wanted. Justice for 96 lost friends.  



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Thanks for the update GHH :)  My thoughts and best wishes are with you and all the other victims of this horrific disaster.  I sincerely hope you all receive the justice you deserve, especially the ones who lost their lives.  All the best!

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I really only started reading into Hillsborough about 4 years ago when a buddy of mine i played football (soccer) with from the UK was here and hes a devout liverpool supporter.  Everything ive read about it show nothing but a lack of competence and immoral behavior from those parties involved.  Hopefully the right people get whats coming to them from this tragedy and there can be a sense of closure for the loved ones of those involved

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