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New online game - Leviathan warships - come get some...

Mad Mike

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I'm sure more than one of you here has wanted to reign hellfire and artillery on me at some point... Here's your chance.


I've been playing a new game on line (steam): Leviathan Warships. It's a great turn based strategy game with quick "pick up" battles available. Build fleets of ships and try them out.


Leviathan website here: Leviathan: Warships $9.99


I'm starting to get the game figured out but I've only been playing for a few days. So here's your chance... come get some. :)


Oh yeah...my username.... Mad Mike. What else:)

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Update.... I ******* HATE steam so far. The game rocks. I've been looking for something like it for some time now. But Steam is buggy and their customer service sucks.


After waiting for customer service with one problem I was able to figure it out with a lot of frustrating trial and error. Steam replied to my help request after two days to say "I see you fixed it".  Then that same day everything crashed. Couldn't load Steam at all. I tried everything. I even deleted the file and associated library files and re installed with no success. So after paying about 20 bucks for the game and some add ons I have nothing. In desperation I tried steam support again, explained my problem and what I tried. Their response?.... delete the game and support file from the library and re install. I'm so pissed I could scream.


Anyone else use Steam? What is your experience?


BTW.... No more editing thread titles? :(

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Thats super unfortunate I've been using steam since 2010 and haven't had one crash or had to contact customer support about anything. I'd do what they say though as that's what I was going to recommend... A reinstall of everything. You'll still have the game. Also is this an early access game that might be an alpha version and not optimized to the all sorts of configurations people use? One last thing if you haven't already try posting on the leviathan warships steam community page. The devs can help troubleshoot if their game conflicts with steam or the community might have some tips. Good luck and don't let this taint your view towards steam... Just wait for the summer sale it's awesome.

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