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Who saw the Cowboys/Eagles game?


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Very well unfortunately. Max protection for Quincy at all times. Two backs in the backfield incase of blitz. If there was no blitz they'd block for a second then release to the flats. Perfect blocking scheme.

Oh, and if they didn't have two backs back, they'd have two tightends or one and one. When they didn't max protect, Quincy was running all over the place avoiding the rush.

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Good post by TexasEagle.

Max protect.....Hambrick did a particularly good job of picking up the blitz.

We didn't play our three WR set as much. Basically, we only had two WR options for Carter on a lot of plays.

On our last drive, Parcells basically dared the Eagles to blitz by emptying the backfield.

Galloway was the slot receiver lined up against a LBer. Carter took a three-step drop and quickly hit Galloway for 19 yards to set up the gamewinning FG.

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Originally posted by tex

Parcels has them believing. Quincy said in an interview before the game that he never had a father and that now Parcels cares about him and is his father figure.


gagging....can't breathe...

Did he have a mother? We DEFINITELY don't want to hear about Parcell's breastfeeding his young protege (although they say if you don't breastfeed your 1st rounder, they'll hate you for life).

Parcells appears capable (with apologies to Joel and Ethan Coen)

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