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Triple team Sapp - Robert Royal vs Simeon Rice?

Mad Mike

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I've seen that replay a half dozen times and I CAN NOT believe that it was by design. I think Samuels flat out blew that play. No one can so stupid as to design that blocking scheme.

On any pass play the linemen are expected to adjust to what they see, count heads, and make sure everyone knows who to block. Running plays are somewhat different because the line is trying to create a hole at a specific spot so the assignments are pre-determined, but a passing play means the linemen must recognize where the presure is coming from, figure out who needs to be blocked, and get it done.

So Samuels went to the line, saw Rice to his left and left him unchecked? NO WAY it was drawn up like that. Samuels blew it big time. The stupidity of it is astounding but there is no way you can blame coaching. Samuels just screwed up.


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