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I am thoroughly disgusted with this team


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I am truly at my wits end here. This team on paper is lightyears better than how they play, especially today...

The O line played decent for most of the game. I cannot believe how badly Samuels was abused by Rice. There was pressure up the middle was expected and not as bad as I thought it would be.

I know that Smoot went out but our secondary looked horrible. 3 TD's to TE's is unacceptable. Where was the corner for the MeShawn touchdown? Unfvcking believable. Ive never seen our secondary play that badly. EVER!

D line got very little pressure on Johnson and this is REALLY not a good thing. The O line for Tampa is not the greatest in the world..

If the coaching staff and the players dont right this ship, we are going to have a very frustrating season ahead.

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We have a good shot at winning in Buffalo, but we will not win in Dallas. Every opportunity we fail to take advantage of is one that Parcells DOES take advantage of. The Dallas game will be the definative example of how good coaching makes all the difference in the NFL. It's really discouraging to think that the Spurrier era represents yet another in a series of post-Gibbs setbacks.

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Originally posted by GoSkins

If I had sex with that cheerleader in the avatar, I think I'd feel a LOT better.

My grandmother always told me that my grandfather thought sex cured all ills....no matter what.

I have tried to keep that thought alive.

Send Rock to Texas.



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yes some tough gms but we match up well with nyg & philly,both gms we should have won.carolina is going to crash if both there O & D remain in the bottom 1/3 of the league statistically.and dallas-we'll see how they hold the momentum.

i'd take my chances with carolina & dallas 2x over TB,NE and either nyj or atlanta(you pick) any day..

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i'm fed up with this stupid franchise as a whole.

Guys, if you really think this team is capable of stringing together road wins against the likes of Dallas, Carolina, Miami, and even the Giants and Bears, you have been watching a different team than me for many years.

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