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Message for Inmate, Kleese, and others...Step away from the ledge people!


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I just read through the prediction thread and I can't believe what I'm reading.

First this:

"We're in big trouble at 3-3 if we lose this game. Then we will have to win at Dallas [not easy] and probably Buffalo too, just to be 5-3 at the halfway mark. Even if we beat Buffalo and lose to Dallas and are 4-4, being 0-3 in the division does not bode well for making the playoffs."

Then this:

"We fall to 3-3, which, IMO, is right where we will deserve to be. We're an average football team, period. I don't see that changing much this year."

Duudes. You two are probably my favorite posters here and it pains me to read such hopelessness and despair from you guys.:laugh: I agree that we'll probably lose to the Bucs, although I think there is a decent chance that the stars could line up just right, we shake the penalty voodoo, and we ****slap Sapp and the Bucs. Where I disagree is your assessments that we are done for the season and doomed to be average. We're in a funk right now, but we'll shake it. The oline got it together last year as the season progressed in spite of having much less talent and being coached by alien imposter Kim Helton. The team will work out the kinks over the next few weeks, and when they get this offense firing on all cylanders...look out! We've all seen the playmaking ability. Even if we lose to the Bucs and the Bills while we're dailing it in, we'll be at 3 - 4 with a much easier second half of the schedule. It's not like the Eagles or Giants are tearing it up, and I'm not sold on the Pukes yet just b/c they beat up on the Cards. After Buffalo and a well placed bye, the Skins matchups are much more favorable with games againts the Bears, Saints, Dolphins, Panthers, and Pukes. We'll blow out the Bears and Saints, and our defense is basically designed to stop teams like Carolina and Miami. We'll crush Miami and officialy end the Redskin Norvitis era. Plus we get the Eagles (who we know we can beat) at home for our last game. If the team can gel and get it rolling, they could win 7 of their last 9 games, maybe even just 6, and get in the post season. I don't expect any team to run away with the NFC East which means everyone's still in it to the end.

It's to waayy early to give up guys. Damn Kleese, a few weeks ago it was as though you had been reborn. I was loving those posts. We have a legit QB for the first time in many years. Hate to do this, but remember what it was like with guys like Banks, Wuerfull, George, and Shuler? We have a lot of talent, in spite of a few weaknesses, on both sides of the ball. This team is a few guys stepping up away from being very dangerous. A lot can change over the course of a season. Last year at this time the Bolts were like 5 - 0 and extremers we're wondering if we should have kept Marty.:laugh:

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I thought i was far from the edge. But after seeing my Vols just get absolutely pounded in a HUGE game at HOME...........i realize that if the skins lose tomorrow the edge will only be a few steps away.

I would be so upset i dont know how I would make it through the week. But i will never quit cheering my ass off for the Skins or Vols and i will never lose faith.

Playoffs here we COME!

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so far the Redskins have been lucky in facing teams that are not at 100%. yes, before the season there was the thought that with such a tough schedule on the surface that it would be a struggle to have a winning record.

now, the team is getting breaks each week on personnel and matchups and so far has barely been able to stop from tripping over its own feet.

sooner or later the Skins are going to have to take advantage of these matchups and starters missing and starting putting some good wins behind them.

you can't count on wins in the second half of the season as a salve to blowing winnable games in the front end.

the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles may not do you a favor and serve themselves up for the Redskins to finish up strong with a string of wins.

and the Skins themselves may suffer some injuries that limit the team.

that's why when you see winnable games against NY and Philly get flushed down the toilet because of miscues and penalties that bring TDs back it is frustrating to watch.

those are the types of mistakes that prevent a solid December from meaning much.

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I don't think "we're done for the season" even if we lose tomorrow.

But what bothers me is that I think we're the same team now that we were week 1-- I see basically no difference, either good or bad, and IMO, that's a problem. We are CLEARLY better than we were last year, and I'm happy to see that, but they key now is to improve WITHIN the season, and so far, I've seen little evidence to indicate that we can/will make those improvements.

But even without improvements, I think this team will teeter on the 8-8/9-7 level, and depending on how things fall, 9-7 could get us into the playoffs, in which case, this season would have to be called a success.

So, my HOPE is that we DO improve, and we DO find ways to win tougher games against better teams in tough situations. If we can do that, then 10-6 and a "solid" playoff berth is possible for sure.

But right now, based on what I've seen, I think this team is going to give us much of what we've seen thus far. And what we've seen thus far, won't beat the Bucs.

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Great thread GaSkinsFan....

This team is in year 2 with Spurrier. If anyone was expecting a SuperBowl appearance this year, I think you expectations were a little high.

In my opinion, next year is when this team will really do some damage.

We have a qb that's started 10 games, an o line that's played together 5 games, a star WR that's been here 5 games, and basically, this is a very very young team. Give it time.

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