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I've thought it would be pretty cool to have the series played at Wrigley and Fenway though.

Personally, I've been down on baseball for awhile and when your team has a firesale at the end of July and gets rid of it's manager, GM and assorted front line players, it kind of puts a damper on baseball season.

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Bandwagoneer ljer:rotflmao: Bandwagoneer my arse.......

I was born at Westchester Square Hospital in the Bronx in 1961. It was a 20 minute ride on the L to Yankee Stadium. Even after moving from the Bronx in 69, I spent a big part of my life up to the age of about 26 at Yankee Stadium. I even got thrown off the field as a kid, running up to Mickey Mantel with my uncle as he headed to the dugout.

As I've said before in threads, I don't follow baseball very close theese days, this message board has seen to that:D I've also said before,

There's a lot of Yankee envy around here.


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