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6 hours ago, Riggo#44 said:


This is why I am against changing the name. The name is the only identifiable part from an era when we were the top 2 or 3 team in the league. An Era where we were the Patriots. We were duct taping spare parts together into a dominant machine--and doing it without the GOAT QB.


But all that remains of those glory years is the name. Nothing else about this team even is a fart-scent of those years.


We were never the Patriots.  We played in the toughest division in the league against bonafide glory teams like the Cowboys and cobbled together three titles with homegrown no-names and cast-offs from around the league.


The Niners are a much, much closer comparison to the current Pats.  The Gibbs-era Redskins were the Popovich Spurs.

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