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News of the bizarre - Man Kills Friend, Drinks Blood

The Evil Genius

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Whoa - this sounds like its straight out of Silence of the Lambs.

I hope he didnt have farva beans and a nice chianti with it :puke:

Man Kills Friend, Drinks Blood

LONDON (Reuters) - A Scottish man obsessed with vampires has been jailed for life after killing his best friend, drinking his blood and eating part of his skull, British media reported Thursday.

Allan Menzies, 22, told the High Court in Edinburgh, Scotland, he had made a pact with a female vampire from 2002 horror film "Queen of the Damned" and stabbed 21-year-old Thomas McKendrick to death in the hope of becoming immortal.

Menzies said the film's lead character Akasha, played by the late U.S. singer Aaliyah, had come to his home and told him to carry out the murder.

Menzies was found guilty of murder after his offer to plead guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility was rejected.

The judge Wednesday sentenced Menzies to serve at least 18 years without parole, calling him an "evil, violent and highly dangerous man who is not fit to be at liberty."

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The UK has really turned into a socialist hellhole. They don't even sentence people to life anymore for cold-blooded all out evil murder. You don't get any kind of real sentence for killing anyone--unless you were defending yourself.

Then the State throws the book at you. It's turning into 1984 over there.

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