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Subs as good (or better) ...


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We've been downing our record because we've played teams with injured starters. However, some of their subs have performed at levels that would make our fans if not happy at least content.

Here's a partial list:

Vinny Testaverde (alot of folks blame his OC)

The Eagles CBs (first rounders)

Patriots LBs


If we had to replace some of our "studs" who would be the biggest surprise sub?

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I dont think McCants would impress as a starter. He doesnt consistantly get open and make the right decisions. He's a good 3rd WR cause he's got some big plays in him but i think Jacobs would be a more consistant starter. Or Patrick Johnson, who ran a nice route on a blitz last week and gave Ramsey a good target by him and Ramsey being on the same page, yes it was the only time in the game that a WR ran a good hot route to help out Ramsey.

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