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Hope Spurrier was watching last night's game...


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Interesting that the colts' offensive machine did not start humming along until they threw caution to the wind and started throwing deep.

as meshawn noted during the first half, marvin and company were running short routes and playing a conservative game. in the second half, down by 21 pts, they had nothing to lose and started bombing away. walked away with a "redskinesque" win with the game winning field goal.

against the egirls at the stink, spurrier played not to lose. short routes and routine runs played into the teeth of the philly defense. i can't remember any long routes off the top of my head. now maybe it's ramsey throwing to the shorter routes and tv not showing the longer routes, or ramsey audibling out of the 7 step drop bombs, but we needed to test the eagirls deep. repeatedly.

the colts showed us how to beat the bucs, or at least how to score on them. open it up. send coles deep, and keep betts in the backfield to pick up any stray DLman that gets through. i know this isn't a novel thought, but watching the game last night made me wish (and hope) that spurrier would attack and play to win.

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