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Half life2 Is downloadable


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Vivendi's 'Half Life II' code stolen

Firm delays video game's release after hacker breaks into e-mail, steals a third of source code.

October 7, 2003: 7:26 AM EDT

PARIS (Reuters) - The theft of part of its source code has delayed until April 2004 the launch of "Half Life II," the hotly anticipated alien-hunting game of Vivendi Universal Games, a company official said.

"A third of the source code was stolen," VU Games president of international operations Christophe Ramboz told daily Les Echos in its Tuesday edition. "It's serious because it forces us to delay the launch of the game by at least four months, that is to April 2004. Just the time to rewrite parts of the game."

According to Les Echos, a hacker broke into the e-mail of the game's developer, Gabe Newell, the founder of Valve Software, and planted a spying program.

The delay is bad news for VU Games, which suffered a 29 percent fall in revenue and an operating loss of 52 million ($61.36 million) in 2003's first half and was betting on swift holiday sales.

This is the second time the game's release has been postponed.

Last month, VU games postponed the release of "Half-Life II" from Sept. 30 to "an unspecified holiday release."

The game was keenly awaited after last May's games industry trade show, E3. Critics previewing it said it brought a new level of realism to characters and the virtual world in which they move.

The original "Half-Life," released in 1998, is still popular among PC gamers, and a modified version called "Counter-Strike" is widely used in gaming competitions.

"Half-Life II" stars Gordon Freeman, a scientist battling aliens from the planet Xen in a mysterious European locale known only as City 17.

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I still remember back in 98 when we used doom to test our Lan connection, memory handling and graphics on the 5 IBM laptops before taking them out on deployment.

Yeah we used them for performance testing only :rolleyes:

Actually we used this for an excuse to our superiors and the tech geeks that work in Sterlin va in sicily with us backed us up.

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The whole thing seems like a ploy Vivendi pulled off to give Valve an excuse to delay the game again. And the source code isn't the complete game, supposedly just the multiplayer portion. Even in that case, you'd need to compile it and try to get it to run totally unoptimized and everything. Same thing happened with Doom III late last year, and it would barely run on even the highest end machine (at the time).

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Your going to need a very stout system to run Halflife 2 and Doom 3. I've seen benchmarks for Doom 3 with a 3ghz pentium 4 and a Radeon 9800 pro card and it topped out at only 60fps. I'm going to buy a Pentium 4 2.4C processor( overclocked to 3.0ghz) Abit mobo)overclocked to 1000mhz FSB), Dual Channel DDR Memory, and a Radeon 9800 Pro card to play Doom 3 and Halflife 2.

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No doubt Johnny.

2500+ Barton oc'd to 3200+ @400MHz FSB, air-cooled

Two sticks of 256 meg Samsung pc 3200 ram, dual channel

PowerColor Radeon 9800 non-pro oc'd to pro spec's, 380/680

MSI Nforce 2 400 Ultra mobo

Sound Blaster live 5.1

21" Trinitron monitor

win98 (no WPA for me)

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