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It ain't the false starts...


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all the false starts are frustrating, but is no where near as frustrating or damaging than the personal foul penalties. In both of our losses, we have committed a personal foul on 3 rd down that keep a drive alive, allowing the other team to go on to score.

The Giants game a personal foul by Trotter lead to a touchdown late in the 1st half. Yesterday, a roughing the passer (I know cheesy call) lead to a fg, and Upshaws PF lead to the Eagles game winning TD.

False starts are hindering us, but the Personal Fouls could be said , lost us both ball games.

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Dude, the personal foul penalties are stupid, but that's not why we lost. The defense played nearly perfectly except for those two fouls, and one of them (against LaVar) was a fraud call.

By the way, the Upshaw foul, as dumb as it was, came after the 2nd down play. So it's not a certainty that the Eagles would have had to punt absent the foul.

I agree with the spirit of your post, but you're not going to get a much better overall performance from our defense than you saw on Sunday. (McNabb almost completely contained; Trotter INT, etc.)

It's our offense that sucked most of the game. If we'd gotten even a mediocre performance from the offense, we win the game easily. A lot of people share blame for that on offense. Off the top of my head, only Randy Thomas among the starters didn't have a boneheaded play. Gardner and Coles had drops, Morton a drop, McCants a drop (quickly redeemed), Ramsey was off on many passes, the pass protection was poor in spots (causing an INT), the OL and Royal had numerous false starts, the RBs couldn't get traction, Jansen could hold off Whiting on the final conversion attempt ... True team effort. :)

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It's the false starts that disrupt the rhythm of the offense. On virtually every drive that we've scored on this year.... it's because Ramsey & Co. got in a rhythm and kept the defense on their heels.

False starts:

*Disrupt Rhythm

*Change play selection

*Dishearten the Offense

*Allow the defense to realign.

They're killing us.... keeping the offense from sustaining drives... and placing the team in down and distances where the 1st down conversion percentage drops significantly. ENOUGH SAID!!!

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The call on Lavar should have resulted in a ref's game check being halved. That was brutal. I mean, I just don't see where the foul was on that play- between the forward momentum prior to the play, the fact that you could see Arrington let up on the last couple of steps, and that he hit him squarely in the chest. I mean, McNabb didn't even hit the turf.

As for the PF retaliation play on Upshaw- that was also pretty bogus. I mean, how many times do you see shoving at the end of a play without a foul being called. Sure, they can be called, but usually aren't.

Frankly, if Upshaw were to get called on that, then Runyan deserved an unsportsmanlike play penalty for staging the whole injury thing. That guy should be ashamed of himself.

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