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OT: everyone with sig pics please read...


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umm not sure if this is a problem with anyone else but if you are going to have a sig pic of like almost naked chick (code) can you at least decrease the size of it so it wont like take half of my screen when i read the posts.... i read this forum at school at the computer center or off my laptop in the library and i am getting like weird looks cause all they see when they pass by are these pics...

just a request... but i guess its still your choice...

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You can also choose to "ignore" certain users... which simply compresses their posts. You can see the function to "ignore" users in every posts. This function simply compresses that user's posts... but you can open it up should you want to read a particular post.

But there's no such functionality to ignore particular poster's sig files. In any message board software.

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Originally posted by NavyDave

Not completely accurate TC4

Its naked hot babes

I say that after friend emailed pics from florida of geriatric beach :puke:

Yes, my bad Dave they do gotta be hot

I saw an old "60 Minutes" story about 3 years ago about the Black Sea and they showed these 300+ lbs Russian and Ukrainian women..........in bikinis!!!! :gus:

I STILL have bad dreams about that :rolleyes:

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oh sorry i was just saying as an example... its fine if nothing changes just a thought that ran across my head when this girl was giving me a nasty look at the library... just i think it would be better if it was little smaller... on my laptop i have to literary hit "page down" key to get past it... lol

i guess i will have to just turn off the sigs when i am at the library i guess...

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